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                                             Directly from the old english langue (1818) 


Trone d Amour NeckTie 

Trone d Amour Tie - Neckclothitania- 1818
The trone d Amour is the most austere after the Oriental Tie — It must be extremely well stiffened with starch, It is formed by one single horizontal dent in the middle. Color, Yeux de fille en exlase.


Ball Room NeckTie

Ball Room Tie - Neckclothitania- 1818
The Ball Room Tie when well put on, is quite delicious- It unites the qualities of the Mathematical and Irish, having two collateral dents and two horizontal ones, the one above as in the former, the other below as in the latter —. It has no knot, but is fastened as the Napoleon. This should never of course be made with colors, but with the purest and most brilliant blanc d innocence virginale.

Horse Collar NeckTie

Horse Collar Tie - Neckclothitania- 1818
The Horse Collar has become, from some unaccountable reason, very universal. I can only attribute it to the inability of its wearers to make any other. It is cer-tainly the worst and most vulgar, and I

Irish Tie - Neckclothitania- 1818

Irish Tie - Neckclothitania- 1818

This one resembles in some degree the Mathematical, with, however, this differ-ence, that the horizontal indenture is placed below the point of junction formed by the collateral creases, instead of being above. The color, Cerulean Blue.
* So called from its resemblance to the Seat of Leve.
Starch is derived from the Teutonick word, "Stare" which means "stiff."


Oriental necktieMathematical necktie

Napoleon necktie 

Oriental- tie, Mathematical- tie, Napoleon- tie.


American necktieMailCoach- NecktieHunting- Necktie

Gordian Knot- NecktieBarrel Knot- Necktie

American- tie, MailCoach- tie, Hunting- tie, Gordian Knot- tie, Barrel Knot- tie




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